New JUNKERS and ZEPPELIN collection to be presented at Baselworld 2013

POINT tec Electronic GmbH is a Munich-based specialist in fine branded Aviator Design & Radio-controlled Wrist Watches and is the manufacturer of watches branded with JUNKERS, ZEPPELIN and MAXIMILIAN MÜNCHEN. The timepieces are „Made in Germany“

POINTtec confirms continous growth during the year 2012 and the new collection provide good consitions for further success. The perspective for 2013 for national and international sales is positive and optimistic!

The following new developments are to be highlighted among others for 2013:


  • JUNKERS Bauhaus – Lady series
    The JUNKERS Bauhaus Gents series were top-sellers from the moment of introduction in 2011. Consequentially in 2013 ladies can now also experience watches designed in the minimalist style of Bauhaus timeless beauty.
  • JUNKERS – Edition Eurofighter
    Prof. Hugo Junkers always had projected his vision far into the future. An aircraft like the Eurofighter nowadays stands for the ultimate in inventive genius and technical innovation. In this context a strictly limited edition of 1.000 Eurofighter watch pieces is being released as from May 2013.
  • JUNKERS – G38
    In its time the Junkers G38 was the largest aeroplane in existance, claiming 4 world records, carrying 34 passengers and 7 crew members. This engineering marvel was not only sensational due to its size but even more so due to the integration of six passenger seats into the wing roots offering unique observation desks. The Flight World Record G38 watch series has colours in red, green and yellow and provide a sporty signalling effect commemorating this wide bodied G38 aircraft.


  • ZEPPELIN “Nordstern”
    The Zeppelin collection “Nordstern” celebrates the adventurous journey of the famous airship “ LZ127 Graf Zeppelin ” to the North Pole in 1931. With exclusive aesthetics, the snow-white and night-blue dials, this collection watch designs re-interpret the beauty of the polar landscapes in new watch fashion.
    Jet-black elegance, design staged with tension: The watch series “Night Cruise” makes fascinating impressions of a night journey on a Zeppelin airship. Watch hands and indices covered with strong luminous material provide mystical blue effects making these watches a perfect companion for every day adventures.
  • ZEPPELIN “Porcelain Lady“
    Based on the success of several Zeppelin Lady Flat Line watches an additional lady watch series is introduced with dials covered with a precious porcelain. Dial designs tie-up with the fine, Slim watch cases in elegant steel or precious gold plating. Innovative watch dial material meets timeless fashionable design. Room for another Zeppelin watches success story !
    The Zeppelin LZ11 “ Victoria Luise” was an airship built for civil, commercial aviation of the Deutsche Luftschiffahrts AG DELAG ( German Aviation Share Holder Company founded in 1909 ) the first ever airline company worldwide. There Zeppelin was named after the Princess of Prussia VICTORIA LUISE (1892-1980). The maiden voyage took place on February 14th, 1912. The Zeppelin cruised mainly on domestic flights inside Germany to Heligoland, Hamburg and Copenhagen. Altogether the “Victoria Luise” executed over 1.400 journeys until its destruction on October 8th, 1915. In order to pay homage to this historic airship another new Zeppelin watch ladies series is introduced in 2013. These fine time pieces visualize dials with unique kind of lace doily structure. FlatLine watch cases are held in elegant steel or precious gold plate adjusted with Milanese style metal bracelets in steel, black and gold colour surface.

Come and visit POINTtec electronic at BASEL WORLD WATCH FAIR 2013,  Hall 2.0, Stand No. B 03, April 25th to May 02nd, 2013

About POINTtec:

POINT tec Electronic GmbH, a family owned enterprise founded in 1987 in Munich, holds licenses from HUGO JUNKERS, the famous German engineer responsible for the construction of passenger airplanes such as the “ Auntie JU 52 ” and from GRAF ZEPPELIN, the ingenious pioneer of aeronautics with his huge eponymous Zeppelin airships. 2013 for POINT tec will be an exciting year. The company is celebrating the 25th Anniversary with one of the finest collections in its history. In 2012 POINT tec had already distributed more than 120.000 watches achieving another new record since its formation. And – once again at the start of 2013 – demand for the famous watch brands Zeppelin and Junkers is higher than ever. This continual increasing demand is a big challenge for POINT tec with expansion for so many consecutive years. Willi Birk, Managing Director of POINT tec states: “ We owe this success to our business partners and resellers, whose loyalty is essential for our growth.” Already in 2011 it appeared that POINT tec with its design, manufacture and worldwide sales of fine quality functional wristwatches became the largest producer of “Made in Germany” wristwatches in volume terms. And furthermore POINT tec – while placing priority in maintaining its character as an independent family-run business – continues to combine outstanding design and value-for-money watch products. Starting its exports as recently as 2003 it is now for the 10th year that these watches catch the eye of consumers in high street stores not only in Germany but also in many countries worldwide. Pointtec watches offer the same quality and reliability as products retailing at a much higher price. Radio Controlled Watches.


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  1. Habe vor ca 4 Jahren eine Zeppelinuhr gekauft. Da die uhr in der letzten Zeit nicht mehr richtig ging, gab ich sie zur Reparatur. Leider wurde mir nun mitgeteilt das es keine ersatzteile dafür gibt. Bitte um Mitteilung an wen ich die Uhr zur Instandsetzung schicken kann. Vielen dank im voraus für Ihre Antwort
    Wolfgang Homuth


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